B999 Health Trust has been set up as a social enterprise - this means that its main aim is to provide a service for the community. Any surplus income from running the phamacy will be used to support branch surgeries in the area and any additional health services. There are no shareholders and no-one will make a profit from the NHS services provided.


The B999 Health Trust is holding a public meeting on Wednesday 9th January 2012 in Pitmedden Hall at 7.30pm. The aim of the meeting is to find out the opinions of people in Pitmedden regarding the proposal to open a community owned pharmacy in the Pitmedden surgery.

A questionnaire is being sent to all households in Pitmedden and an online version is available for people who would like to respond directly.

Please complete the questionnaire only once for each person.

If you would like to share your ideas, you can post messages on our discussion area - please note that you do not have to register in order to use the discussion area, but we will monitor activity and remove any messages that we consider to be offensive or irrelevant to this consultation - that does not mean that we will remove messages we don't like.


What is B999 Health Trust?

B999 Health Trust has been registered as a non-profit making Company Limited By Guarantee (SC437970). Its purpose is to establish and run a pharmacy based in Pitmedden and to utilise surplus income for improving health care in the parishes of Udny, Tarves and Methlick, which is the area covered by Haddo Medical Group - this includes ensuring there is sustainable GP provision and enhanced general medical services in Tarves, which in turn will relieve pressure on services in Pitmedden.

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The following information comes directly from NHS guidance on Government Regulations. The aim of the information is to help the public understand the application process - we leave it to you to decide whether this aim is fulfilled - we will do our best to make this information more 'people friendly' during the consultation process.

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