B999 Health Trust has been set up as a social enterprise - this means that its main aim is to provide a service for the community. Any surplus income from running the phamacy will be used to support branch surgeries in the area and any additional health services. There are no shareholders and no-one will make a profit from the NHS services provided.

Public Consultation

12th January 2012: the public consultation is now closed. The questionnaire remains visible but new submissions are not possible. Thanks to everyone who took part.

The B999 Health Trust is one of a new breed of 'social enterprises' that is hoping to make a difference to local communities. It is a non-profit making company that is working on behalf of the community to improve health services in the local area – from Methlick to Pitmedden. B999 Health Trust intends to submit an application to to provide NHS Pharmaceutical Services from Pitmedden Surgery and as part of this process we need to know if there is community support for the idea.

The current dispensing arrangements for Pitmedden were retained in December 2012 as a result of the campaign by local Community Councils. But by showing that residents had serious difficulty accessing dispensing, it raised the possibility of a commercial pharmacy opening, again removing dispensing income from local health care. The new company was formed to protect the income generated through dispensing medicines and retain it for community benefit. If the application is successful the GPs will no longer be able to dispense from Pitmedden, but in its place a Community Owned Pharmacy will provide an even more comprehensive service.


All surplus income will be used to fund additional health services in the wider area. Qualified staff will be employed by B999 Health Trust As a Social Enterprise limited company (SC437970) there are no shareholders and directors will not be paid. All surplus income will be used for healthcare.

Public Consultation

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  • Are you registered as a patient with Haddo Medical Group?
  • Do you want prescribed medicines to be available from Pitmedden Surgery?
  • Do you want the surplus income from providing pharmacy services to be used for the benefit of the wider community?
  • Which additional services would you like to be available in a pharmacy in Pitmedden? (tick any that apply)
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